What To Do With All That Mango Chutney

What To Do With All That Mango Chutney

I bought a jar of mango chutney to make a curry cream for chicken soup a couple months back (it was wonderful). The recipe called for 1/4 cup mango chutney, which left me with quite a bit of leftover. What to do?

Turns out there’s a lot you can do.

Brie and Mango Chutney Rolls

To make this delicious side dish, get a can of your regular ol’ Pillsbury biscuits. Peel each biscuit in half, spread a tablespoon of mango chutney on one side of the biscuit, place a triangle of brie on the chutney, and put the second half of the biscuit on top. Bake at 350 degrees F for 17 minutes and voila!

pillsbury rolls with brie and mango chutney
Here they are chillin’ before one of my dip parties…

Mango, Lime, and Chutney Sauce

Mango, lime, and chutney sauce will certainly spice up a boring chicken or turkey meal. I followed a sauce recipe over at Food Network, but modified it by using mango chutney instead of fresh mangoes.

lime ginger chutney sauce

Other Ways to Eat Mango Chutney

  • Eat mango chutney as a sandwich spread.
  • Crackers topped with mango chutney and your choice of mild cheese.
  • Put a dollop of mango chutney on pork chops.
  • Mango chutney with a touch of curry and mayo will make for a great potato or chicken salad dressing.
  • Mix mango chutney, tofu, veggies, and rice for a full-on healthy meal.
  • Grilled fish with sauted vegetables deserve mango chutney for dipping.
  • Add mango chutney to your grilled ham and cheese sandwich.
  • Don’t forget that spicy mango chutney will bring out the best in your vanilla ice cream.

What do you eat with mango chutney?

11 Responses to “What To Do With All That Mango Chutney”

  1. elaine says:

    I never knew there were so many dips and sauces until I started reading your blog, Sara. You make me feel like I can whip up one and in no time at all and that is why I have awarded you a “Stylish Blogger Award” via my blog. 🙂

  2. I would love to spread some mango chutney on my wholewheat bread!

  3. Monet says:

    Some great ideas…but my favorite has to be those rolls (surprise, surprise!) Thank you so much for sharing with me tonight…and thanks for all the sweetness you leave on my blog…it means so much to me!

  4. These are great tips! You have saved the jar from dying a slow death in the back of the fridge.

  5. Lea Ann says:

    Did you see my post about pickled jalapenos stuffed with peanut butter and mango chutney? Pretty good.

  6. Mel says:

    Good, because I received a coupon for a free Pataks product off their facebook & tonight I bought their mild mango chutney. I have had Indian food in the past but have never prepared it. Glad I came here to get some great ideas to enjoy my free treat 🙂 Thanks for the tips. I love trying new things.

  7. Bella says:

    Which came first, the problem or the soutlion? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

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