Ten Ways Sauce Can Save Your Life

I am very fortunate and very excited to be going to the Second Annual Saucey Affair next week (October 21) in Denver. This is THE fundraising event for Colorado’s 9Health Fair, which is a program that promotes health awareness through various programming and free and low-cost screenings.

To help raise funds for this fantastic cause, 16 Denver restaurants will be serving small plates WITH SAUCE in one place at the same time. The Wynkoop Brewing Company will be supplying the beer, and RNDC will be supplying the wine.

Have I mentioned how I excited I am?

2010 is the 30th year for the 9Health Fair–a huge feat. It’s actually an inspiring example of how a community can come together to do good. Watch this YouTube video to learn more about the 9Health Fair.

If you live in or near Denver, I hope you’ll attend the fundraising event (get your tickets here). In addition to all that SAUCE, The Hazel Miller Band will be playing live, you can bid on fantastic silent auction items, and your attendance just might save a life…

10 Ways Sauce Can Save Your Life

1. Sauce can improve the scrumptiousness of not-so-tasty vegetables that are proven to lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, and make you run faster. In other words, a mustard sauce makes whole Brussels sprouts edible.

2. In the Godfather (Part I), Michael learned to make marinara sauce and helped feed a room of hungry, hired goons. You never know when you will need to do the same.

3. Regular sauce making requires strong muscles. More muscles means you’ll burn more calories and therefore have improved overall health.

4. Ranch dressing (the dippable kind) has ensured that children throughout North America have not gone without their veggies and proteins. Without ranch dipping sauce, our population would be much shorter and have a shorter life expectancy.

5. The average serving of cheese sauce or cream sauce contains between 7% and 12% calcium. Calcium keeps teeth and bones strong, allows nerves to function and keeps the heart and other muscles contracting. In other words, calcium keeps you alive.

6. One serving of hollandaise sauce contains about 190 calories and 15 grams of fat (25% of your recommended daily allotment). Truth be told, eating hollandaise sauce every day could add a layer of fat around your bum. If you live in a cold climate, then this extra fat will keep you warm during the winter and prevent you from freezing to death.

7. A vinegar-based marinade will not only make your meat tender and delicious, but it could also kill some potentially harmful bacteria.

8. A ginger carrot sauce, a curry carrot sauce, or a carrot-marinara sauce will prevent you from having a traffic accident and from accidentally falling into an uncovered manhole while at night. Carrots are good for your eyes and will allow you to see better in the dark.

9. Aioli or other sauces containing olive oil will help treat inflammation. Some researchers believe that ongoing inflammation could lead to heart disease and diabetes, even in healthy individuals.

10. Applesauce will ward off harmful free radicals! Any sauce containing foods high in beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E (antioxidants) will help keep your cells in tact and prevent damage from the environment or harmful toxins we’re exposed too. They ain’t jokin’. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away.


  1. This sounds like a great event! Enjoy! I also love your top 10 list…especially the Hollandaise Sauce one….I just love the stuff, but I’m sure too much of it would definitely add some extra “cushioning”!! 🙂

    1. You wanna fly out and go with me? 🙂 I always knew Hollandaise Sauce was loaded with fat and calories…but 25%! Eek.

  2. Oh! I had no idea about the benefits of a vinegar based marinade. I’m such a germ-nut, so this made me smile! I wish I was in Denver so that I could attend this event. Have fun for me!

  3. It’s was a great event last year and I’m going again this year!!! Tickets are still available!!

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