Water Saving Tips for the Kitchen

Today is a big day. It’s Blog Action Day.

Thousands of bloggers are focusing their posts on the global issue of water. I’m happy to be part of this year’s Blog Action Day for a couple reasons.

First, I think bloggers–no matter how small or large their community–can educate their readers on issues that the mainstream media may not cover effectively. Bloggers are also more likely to motivate their communities to get off their rear ends and DO SOMETHING.

Second, the issues surrounding water really do concern me. The sound of a carelessly running faucet makes my blood boil. The sight of a sprinkler going full speed in the middle of a summer afternoon makes me scream.

The fact that unsafe water causes 80% of the world’s disease (killing more people than all violent acts combined, including war) blows my mind. The fact that it requires 2,400 liters of water to produce a hamburger should be a crime.

I understand that many of these issues are so large that it feels like you can’t do anything to change any of it. But I’m telling you right here, right now on Blog Action Day that you can do a few little things that will make a difference to the big picture. Here’s how you can help:

1 – I have created a special fundraising page for my business, No. 2 Pen, on Water.org. This is a nonprofit organization committed to providing safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries (co-founded by Matt Damon). If you care at all about how water impacts the world and you are able, please make a $25 donation by following this link > www.firstgiving.com/no2pen.

2 – Take the time to appreciate your clean water by conserving it. The next time you’re cooking something yummy in the kitchen, follow these water saving tips.

A flow the size of a pencil

When washing your hands or washing produce, don’t turn the water on full blast. All you need is a stream as wide as a pen or pencil.

Get yourself some worms

Don’t force your food scraps into the garbage disposal. Save the water and start composting.

Boil what you need

Boil only enough water to cover the food you want to cook. The extra two inches of water may not always be necessary.

Keep a large bowl under the tap

Instead of letting the water run down the drain while you wait for the right temperature, keep a bowl under the tap to collect it. You can use this water for plants, ice cube trays, and the list goes on.

Tell me. How do you conserve water when you’re in the kitchen?


  1. great tips, we try to conserve water by limiting our shower time, I love the tip of controlling your water flow using a pencil..


  2. We also limit our shower time (and we only shower every other day…don’t tell anyone!) Thank you for always taking the time to remind your readers about important issues like conservation…you not only offer us great recipes but also great knowledge. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are some great ideas! i am definitely going to use that bowl-under-the-faucet trick! My roommates and I are super conscientious about not having water running if we’re not there. But there is always more we can do!

  4. These are some awesome tips that I would have never considered had you not mentioned them. Thanks for much for sharing them with us and for shedding light on this important matter 🙂

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