Tips for a Successful Dip Party

Tips for a Successful Dip Party

If you’re just tuning in, this week is Dipstock! All week long dip lovers everywhere have created dips for their very own dip parties. With Halloween coming up this weekend, I suspect dozens more dip parties will be taking place all in the name of Dipstock. To help you have the most successful dip party possible, I’ve thrown together this quick set of dip tips.

By the way, I’m aware that I said “dip” six times in the above paragraph, eight if you count the word “Dipstock.” I’m the Saucy Dipper and it’s Dipstock — what do you expect?

Choose Bacon

Not everyone eats bacon or enjoys bacon. I get it. But if you like traditional bacon or even turkey bacon, then you should definitely make a dip with it. You can’t go wrong.

How does the saying go? Even bad bacon dip is good dip…or maybe that’s pizza. Whatever. Follow the lead of Cris Goode over at GOODEness Gracious with a Zesty Bacon Spread.

Pick a Theme

There are thousands and thousands of dip possibilities.  When tasked with “bringing a dip” to a party it can be overwhelming to decide. Make it easy on your guests and choose a theme. It is Halloween, so maybe that could be your theme for a Dipstock party this weekend. Fellow blogging friend Sweet Life submitted a delicious sounding pumpkin dip recipe with goblin dippers (her photo below). I’ll be trying this one.

halloween dip

Buy the Most Important Utensil

Get a couple boxes of toothpicks. You won’t be sorry.

Don’t Forget the Flip Cam!

You’re making memories here people.

Candace Karu, Lifestyle Commentator & Favorite Foodie for Cabot Creamery Cooperative, had a dip party with her girlfriends and documented the start of it on video. Catch a glimpse of Candace below, and then head over to her blog, Subject to Change, and read her Dipstock recipes (using Cabot ingredients, of course).

Make Time for a Work Out

No one said dip parties were low calorie. Schedule a workout early in the day and indulge without feeling guilty.

Pick Up Drinks and Dippers

It’s easy to get caught up in the actual dip and completely forget about the food you’ll use to sink into the dip. Don’t forget a few beverages either. Those chips and crackers will make you thirsty!

Read another one of my posts “How to Host Your Own Dip Party” for even more Dipstock dip party ideas.

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  1. sweetlife says:

    great vid, great tips, and the workout for sure..lol


    • Sara says:

      Thanks, Sweetlife. The workout is key. I’ve been working out quite a bit this week to make up for all of last week’s dip making. Woof. It was fun, but I need to kick the Dipstock diet in high gear.

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