Eight Things You Don’t Know About Me and a Recipe for Sara’s Chicken Things

Magic of Spice over at The Ardent Epicure asked me (along with a few others) to answer a handful of questions. In essence, I’ve been tagged, and I’m flattered. I’m flattered that she wants to know about ME.

Below are my answers to her questions PLUS a recipe that doesn’t quite belong on Saucy Dipper, but it made me famous among friends, so I thought you might like to know about it.

The Dough Boy is involved…

1. What single thing or entity most inspires your dishes?

Is it too obvious to say that sauce possibilities inspire my cooking?

2. What do you love most about having a blog?

I love that I can blog about something fun. Since I am a copywriter for small businesses 40 hours a week (or more), it’s nice to write during my free time about something lighthearted. I also enjoy meeting other bloggers and keeping in touch with foodie friends.

3. What is your favorite type of music?

Any cute guy with a guitar who can belt out a love song.

4. What would you most like to do with your spare time (if you had any)?

Write a novel.

5. What are your 2 favorite flavor combinations?

Potato chips and potato chip dip. I’m not kidding…

6. What is your favored reading material?

Historical fiction and New York magazine.

7. Who is your favorite Chef or Cook at this moment?

Too many to name just one, but I do like Paula Dean. She’s not afraid to cook with bacon.

8. What is your zodiac sign?


Now, for the recipe that made me famous among friends.

I’m not been a culinary hot shot, at least not yet. However, there are a few things that I have always done well in the kitchen, which I think my former roommates will attest to. In particular, I make a mean scrambled eggs, delicious tequila cocktails, and I have a recipe for chicken wrapped in crescent rolls that makes people go wild. And yes, my friends really do call it “Sara’s Chicken Things.”

Recipe for Sara’s Chicken Things

*1 tbsp. olive oil

*2 chicken breasts

*Salt and pepper

*1 small onion, chopped

*4 tbsp. cream cheese

*2 tbsp. skim milk

*1 canister crescent rolls

Direction: Cut chicken breasts into half inch cubes. Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil on the stove and stir in chicken. Sprinkle in salt and pepper. Cook thoroughly. Remove chicken from pan and pat dry. Put chicken in bowl with raw onion, cream cheese, and milk. Stir until the cream cheese is smoothed out. Open canister of crescent rolls. Take apart the rolls, but keep two connected so that you have the smallest squares possible (not triangles). Place squares on a greased cookie sheet. Spoon the chicken mixture into each of the squares and pull up the corners of the crescent rolls to create a neat little package. Bake as instructed on the crescent roll package.

Download the recipe for Sara’s Chicken Things


I’m incredibly sad that I don’t have photos of this recipe. I promise to update this post the next time I make “Sara’s Chicken Things.”


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