Holiday Gift Ideas for the At-Home Saucier

No, this isn’t a hint. I’m not asking you to buy these wonderful sauce-making gifts for me this holiday season, but I am giving you a few holiday gift ideas for the sauce lover in your life.

These tools and treats have become invaluable in my kitchen. Happy holidays!

Oh, and if you click on the images, you can head over and buy these products (affiliate links).


Cuisinart Hand Blender

If you’ve been reading, then you know how much I use my hand blender. It’s not just great for smoothies, but it makes dips incredibly easy to prepare. For sauce making, I like that I don’t have to transfer the contents of my sauce from a pot into a mixing bowl and that I can easily add froth to a sauce.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender #CSB-76

Splatter Screen

Your hand blender can and will make quite a splatter if you’re not careful. A splatter screen will keep you dry.

Sunbeam Splatter Screen

Fine Mesh Strainer

A fine mesh strainer allows you to make stock and demi-glace by straining out the food parts you don’t want in your final sauce.

Sunbeam 3'' Mesh Strainer

Quality Sauce Pan

A true sauce pan has a rounded bottom making it easy to get in those corners with your utensils. I have the one-quart KitchenAid saucier, which works great for most sauces, but a 2.5 quart sauce pan would probably prevent me from making a big mess. But then again, maybe it wouldn’t.

Calphalon Contemporary 2.5qt Sauce Pan w/Cover(SO)

Silicone Heat Resistant Spatulas

When you’re making a pan sauce, don’t worry about scratching the pan with these heat┬áresistant┬áspatulas.

Paula Deen Silicone Spatula - Red

Whisks. Lots of ’em.

You’ll need a whisk for mayonnaise, hollandaise, vinaigrette, and the list goes on. Be prepared.

KitchenAid Black Whisk

Deni Electric Gravy Warmer – Stainless/Black

An electric gravy warmer is the perfect holiday gift for your sauce maker, especially if he or she enjoys long holiday dinners.

Deni Electric Gravy Warmer - Stainless/Black

Kitchen Aid 9 Cup Chrome Food Processor

I recently wrote a review for my food processor – love it! Without it, I couldn’t make half the sauces I do.
KitchenAid 9-Cup Chrome Food Processor #KFP740

Oneida Sauce Ladle

Comes in handy for more than sauces. You know, soups and such.

Oneida Sauce Ladle

Wooden Spoon

When making a roux, use your trusty wooden spoon and not your whisk.

Sunbeam 12'' Round Wooden Spoon

A Few Good Sauce Serving Sets

Enough said.
Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Dip Bowls w/Wire Rack, Set


  1. I need to get one of those immersion/hand blenders! It is certainly on my Christmas list this year. Thank you for sharing such a great group of kitchen goodies! I hope you have a blessed day with your family and friends tomorrow!

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