A Blade X5 Cut Resistant Gloves Review

A Blade X5 Cut Resistant Gloves Review

Not long ago I put my hand in a blender while making a cheese ball. My husband, Jason, felt bad for me and bought me a pair of cut resistant gloves a few days later. Jason didn’t mean to be funny, but it WAS funny.

Who puts their hand in the blender anyway?

Truth be told, the gloves wouldn’t have prevented my near finger-loss, but they will be useful in the kitchen. Here’s my review of G & F’s Blade X5 Cut Resistant Gloves.

Go small if you want to cover both hands

cutting carrots with gloves

one anti-cut glove
G & F’s Blade X5 Cut Resistant Gloves come in a set, but it seems pointless to have a glove on the cutting hand. It’s very strange when you can’t feel the knife, which might be why some cut resistant gloves are not sold in pairs–only singles. But not G & F’s!

I read on Amazon that other customers appreciated having two gloves. They prefer it that way, so they can protect their second hand against cuts and keep comfortable when handling warm and cold foods.

Maybe a smaller pair of gloves would convince me to wear that second glove. I think you can tell from these pics that the medium size is just too big for my fingers.

Wetness equals weirdness

You’re supposed to have your mise en place and your focus on one cutting task at a time…blah blah blah. I know that the experts tell you to stay organized in the kitchen, but in my kitchen I’m doing many things at once.

What kind of Pandora station am I listening to?

This celery doesn’t look rinsed off well enough.

I need a refill.

Where’s the garlic?

Was that my phone?

These are all thoughts that go through my mind when I’m supposed to be focused on the chopping or slicing at hand. Maybe that’s why I’m accident prone…

The point here is that my gloves come off and on, they make their way to the sink and under water, and I sweat, so the gloves are wet inside and out. I gotta tell you, these gloves feel weird once they are wet.  It’s not a deal breaker, but if you are a spaz like me and you are sensitive to the feel of wet fabric, then you might not like these after a few minutes.

My, what dirty gloves I have!

I only cut veggies for a vegetable stock and still the finger tips on these gloves turned brown quick. After only one use! A tumble in the washing machine didn’t do much to remove the stains either. But then again, who cares? The gloves cost $15.99, and it’s not like I’ll be wearing them to the Grammy’s.

stained butcher's gloves

Great uses for anti-cut / butcher’s gloves

From what I’ve read, anti-cut gloves (also called butcher’s gloves) are best used for de-boning and basic slicing, since no gloves are completely cut proof. However, I won’t use these for cutting ordinary onions and carrots. I think it’s overkill. Here’s what I recommend you use the gloves for:

  • Zesting citrus fruits
  • Grating cheese
  • Using a mandoline

What else do you recommend I use my anti-cut kitchen gloves for?

6 Responses to “A Blade X5 Cut Resistant Gloves Review”

  1. Eliana says:

    OMG I need these in my life because I am so accident prone in the kitchen.

  2. I admit after seeing and hearing about your finger story thatI’m much more cautious in the one place that I might be a bit complacent…the garbage disposal. I’ve heard of these gloves but it seems such a tradeoff; protection vs cumbersomeness so at the very least, I see the one handed thing too. But really…I’m OK with the knife, wonder when we could expect blender proof or garbage disposal proof versions? 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    @Eliana – Oh, there definitely worth having around. For $15 you can’t really lose.

    @Barbara – You’re exactly right…protection versus cumbersomeness. What matters more? Like I said, I’ll gladly use them for a mandoline or zester, but not much else.

  4. elaine says:

    I am accident prone as well. No matter how hard I try to focus on the task at hand my mind begins to wander about other things. I am so glad your accident wasn’t worse than it was! Thank you for the review. I don’t think I would like to wear these gloves. I have a hard time wearing the rubber gloves when I am washing dishes.

  5. Mary says:

    Why did I purchase these gloves? And ALWAYS USE THEM?? I was using my new very sharp mandolin cutting zucchini. Large thick cut. Going fast. No glove. Next stop emergency room where my middle and ring fingertips are still at home in the skillet with the bloody zucchini. Hours later after the doctor had to apply a clot patch to the ends of the finger because there was NOTHING left but open flesh, muscle exposed and pain. Months later it’s finally healed but as raw as the first slice.

  6. Paul says:

    For cut resistant gloves I swear by HexArmor. They’re probably the only cut resistant gloves that would stand a chance against your blender, they survived a machete on me. I have the NXT-10-306 but I think the 10-302 wound be a better choice for the kitchen. It only covers the three main working fingers with armor plates. Don’t wear one on your knife hand or your fingers will curse you.

    Always, always buy the smallest glove that will fit. Loose ones are a pain and get caught on things to boot.

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