Best Food Related Super Bowl XLV Commercials

If I had a movie blog or a car blog, I’d have plenty of commercials to talk about today, the day after the Super Bowl XLV. But as a food blogger, I only have a handful of food commercials to revel in.

What the heck food brands, you don’t have a few million dollars to spare?

I guess that’s not exactly fair. There may not have been many food commercials worth talking about, but a few beverage companies showed up for the game, including Brisk, Stella, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Bud Light, and Pepsi Max.

Pepsi made several Super Bowl commercials. Angry wife? Not convincing. Yuppies at a barbecue? Nah. Young guy with a one-track mind? That I’ll buy.

Bud Light also presented several ads. Seeing how puppies usually win, this commercial gets my vote.

Which commercial did you enjoy most?


  1. Totally a sucker for Darth Vader (I blogged about it because I loved it so much) and that All American TV one. Perfect for TV junkies like me!

  2. How could I not love the commercial with Alf?? That was definitely my favorite. I also liked the car commercial with the Darth Vader kid who thinks he starts the car.

    On the food side, didn’t it seem like there were a lot of Doritos commericals? Though I can’t remember what any of them were about…

  3. You don’t know how much I appreciate this post. I saw no SB commercials. With a 2 yr. old and 3 year old invited to the party, commercials were spent in noise. 🙂

  4. @Victoria – Loved your blog post. That commercial was pretty brilliant. Leave it to VW!

    @Joanne – TOOOOO many car commercials. My goodness.

    @Jen – Yes, in the beginning there were 3 Doritos commercials and all a bit weird.

    @Lea Ann – Oh no! If you go to YouTube there’s an entire channel dedicated to the commercials. So you can watch them all!

  5. I didn’t watch the SB this year, so I so appreciated your food related Super Bowl post! I will now enjoy what has always been my favorite part of the big game–the commercials. Thank you for sharing!

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