Guest Post: Simple Marinade of Ketchup, Coke, and Italian Dressing

I’ll never forget the day my mom brought home this simple but sensational marinade recipe from work. I remember biting into the steak tips she had grilled up and being struck by something so original and delicious that I demanded the recipe instantly. Well, it couldn’t be easier to remember.

Coca Cola Marinade Recipe

*⅓ parts ketchup
*⅓ parts Coca Cola
*⅓ parts Italian dressing

That’s it. I love simple recipes. Even more so, I love those recipes made up of items you’d usually have in the fridge anyways. I nearly always have half-full bottles of both bbq and Italian dressing around. Coke tends to be a mixer of choice around here, so that’s usually on hand as well.

This marinade is great on kebabs or mixed meats. I always pair it with broccoli and mashed potatoes or a rice mix. The meat, when marinated thoroughly, is savory and succulent. I’ve never made it for someone and had them dislike it. At least they’ve always told me they loved it! 😉

I find this to be a perfect summer barbeque recipe. When you’d rather fill your day with other activities, just grab some steak or chicken, though it probably goes great with nearly any meat, and toss it in an appropriate amount of marinade. I find it’s best to give it a good 24 hours to marinate as the meat will get really juicy, particularly steaks.

Variations of this marinade, though I haven’t tried any myself, I imagine they’d be delicious as well. Subbing out the ketchup for a bbq sauce or A1 sauce. Additionally, I love mixing ketchup and bbq, so perhaps a half and half mix instead of either/or. You also have the option of swapping out both the soda and the dressing for your preferences. On my to-try list is Dr. Pepper instead of Coke and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing instead of Italian.

Let us know in the comments if you try any variations and your thoughts on them! Happy Grilling!

Carly Westfield is a work-at-home mom (WAHM) and entrepreneur. When not spending time with her kids, she’s running several successful websites like Wonder Woman Costumez, which is a one-stop resource for wonder woman costume reviews and recommendations.