Question of the Day: What About Those Little Condiment Packets?

We’ve all got one. You know. That stash of condiment packets leftover from Chinese takeout orders and late night trips to fast food drive-throughs.

We don’t dare throw the condiment packets out. What if we decide to go camping or, heaven forbid, we run out of ketchup and only discover that fact the moment we’re taking the fries out of the oven?


But these little packets of happiness do have expiration dates and do need to be thrown away. Though, good luck finding that date on the packet. To be safe, throw out your condiment stash every year or two according to the Outdoor Herbivore.

Unless you’ve got a unique condiment packet. That might be worth saving. Would you believe me if I told you there was a condiment packet museum for novel packets? Yup. You can find info about the now-defunct condiment packet museum here.

Aside from emergencies and camping, what do you keep your condiment packets around for?