The Case of the Unidentified Dip

The Case of the Unidentified Dip

My friend Barb over at Creative Culinary posted a beautiful picture of a caramel sauce on Twitter with the caption, “I have no idea what this is but it looks good. Anyone else ever do that; make something; take photos and then ???”

For me the answer is “yes.” Quite a few times actually. I’ve written about more than 50 dip recipes here on the Saucy Dipper, but probably made closer to 80 dip recipes over the years. Some dips didn’t turn out so great (or my pictures didn’t turn out too great). Other times I got too busy to write about the recipe. Either way, I’ve got a folder of dip images in my files that have just been waiting. Waiting for a food blog purpose!

Well, today, those pictures finally get to come out of the archives. Thanks for the idea, Barb!

pre-piled nachos

I thought I liked the concept of stacking my nachos, but it turns out I’m a dipper through and through. I want to dive into the guacamole and not have it pre-arranged.

dips for dip party

Looks like a dip party to me!


raspberry yogurt dip with animal crackers

I remember this raspberry yogurt dip being sweet and tasty.

ugly dip in football dish

I really don’t know. I presume it’s a sour cream chip dip. It’s clear why it didn’t get a post of its own.

vanilla pudding

Talk about memories! No clue what the recipe was, but what a contradiction. A Midwestern fave literally hanging out of a NYC apartment window. This was back in the days when I had NO natural light in my kitchen.

veggie dips in small bowls

Those are definitely sliced cucumbers, and I think we’re looking at a spicy kale dip and…not so sure. Maybe a yellow beet dip?

refried bean dip

Now I know re-fried beans when I see them, but something is missing here.

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