35 Dairy-Free Dips and Sauces

I’m not talking about dips made with tofutti instead of cream cheese. No dairy substitutes, no butter, and no milk or cream found here. These are just straight up dairy-free sauces and dips.

Dairy-Free Dips

1. Baba ganoush

2. Black bean dip

3. Salsa (all variations including salsa de sofrito)

4. Hummus

5. Crab dip (made with mayo)

6. Guacamole

7. Eggplant Caponata

8. Spicy citrus dip (essentially marmalade with spices)

9. White bean and artichoke dip

10. Lentil and split pea dip

11. Red pepper dip (There are two variations I like; one made with chickpeas and one made with walnuts.)

12. Cannellini bean dip (made with olive oil, cilantro, and various seasonings)

The items that followed are technically spreads, but I say dip ’em if you want to.

13. Artichoke pate

14. Pumpkin butter

15. Bulgarian bread spread

16. Nut pate

17. Nut butter

18. Chutney

19. Olive tapenade

Dairy-Free Sauce

20. Aioli (similar to mayo but made with olive oil instead of vegetable oil)

21. Vinaigrette

22. Italian dressing (obviously, not the creamy kind)

23. Honey mustard (remember…mayo is not dairy!)

24. Russian dressing

25. Asian sesame dressing

26. Dijon honey dressing

27. Mexican green chili

28. Barbecue sauce

29. Blueberry sauce (any fruit sauce for that matter)

30. Beef and/or veggie chili

31. Honey

33. Marinara sauce

34. Pesto (omit the cheese)

34. Peanut sauce

35. Coconut sauce (all variations including coconut scallion, coconut curry, etc.)


ps – What am I missing? Certainly there are more dairy-free dips and sauces I haven’t mentioned.

pps – Some of these items are linked to Saucy Dipper recipes. As I try new dairy-free dips and sauces I’ll update this page with more links. Keep this list of dairy-free dips and sauces bookmarked and check back often for those updates!

ppps – A big thanks to my friend Chung for sharing her pic of coconut scallion sauce 🙂


  1. Excellent! My husband is attempting to stear clear from dairy for the next few weeks (stomach problems) and now I have a wonderful list of dairy free dips!

    1. So glad I could help. I love cheese, so dairy free can be tough. But it usually means lower-calorie, so it’s worth it (sometimes).

  2. We have friends who are allergic to dairy and I always struggle to find an appetizer to make when they come over. (They all seem to incorporate cream cheese or ooey gooey melted cheese…two of my favorites!) Definitely coming back to this list time and time again, I am sure. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. AWESOME list. Thanks!!! Fantastic ideas – especially the crab dip and the artichoke pate. Off to find a recipe…

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