Shrimp Deserves Sauce, You Deserve Beer

Keeping with the beer-inspired sauce and dip theme for the upcoming Great American Beer Festival, I have yet another beer recipe to share. I’m super excited about this beer and butter sauce, because it’s an easy one (my favorite kind) and it has a lot of kick…unexpected kick, in fact, thanks to a fortunate mistake.

You see, I mistakenly grabbed steak rub instead of grabbing pepper. Since I never measure my salt or pepper (cuz who really cares that much), I threw on quite a bit of the rub. Whoops!

Or was it a”whoops”…

black pepper and steak rub

How to Make Spicy Beer and Butter Sauce for Shrimp (with Steak Rub)

*4 tbsp. butter

*1 small onion, chopped

*6 cloves garlic, minced

*2 tbsp. Italian seasoning

*2 tsp. cayenne

*1/2 tsp. salt

*1/2 tsp. pepper (or steak rub)

*16 oz. shrimp

*1/2 cup beer (I used Coors Light, but any regular lager will do the job)

Directions for making beer and butter sauce for shrimp: Sauté onion and garlic in butter until the onions are soft. Add seasonings and shrimp. Don’t stop stirring until the shrimp is the perfect shade of pink. Add beer and let simmer for 45-60 seconds.

Download the Spicy Beer and Butter Sauce for Shrimp Recipe

I served the shrimp with a medley of fresh vegetables. It served two (barely), so if you’re hungry I’d consider another side or doubling the recipe. Of course, you deserve to drink a beer with this meal as well.

I made a cocktail sauce thanks to a series of recipes I saw on For the Love of Food. This shrimp dish absolutely did NOT need cocktail sauce, but I was in the kitchen and had the ingredients, so I couldn’t resist.

cocktail sauce for shrimp

Again, big thanks to For the Love of Food for this Cocktail Sauce Recipe:

*1/3 c. ketchup

*1/2 tsp. horseradish paste

* Juice of half a small lime

*1/8 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce

Directions for cocktail sauce: Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until well combined.



  1. Shrimp and beer are perfect together. It reminds me of the shrimp boils we use to go to as children (all the adults always had a beer in hand). This sauce looks great and the last photo won me over!

  2. Monet – You are totally right. I didn’t realize what a match they were until this. Seriously, I’ve been thinking about this recipe ever since I made it.

    Jen and Lisa – I get so caught up in making a fantab meal that I get frustrated when I make mistakes. What’s the point, right? Especially since mistakes can make recipes better.

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