Seeking the Best Hummus Recipe

In the past month or two I’ve made several batches of hummus. Every time the ingredients are about the same: chickpeas, garlic, tahini, salt, lemon, and olive oil. So far, I’m just not that impressed with the results of any recipe I’ve tried.

Part of the problem is that I have high expectations for hummus. I can’t really call myself a connoisseur of hummus, per se, but I do know a good hummus when I taste it. And that, my friends, is exactly why I’m frustrated by my hummus inadequacies.

I need your help. Please share your hummus recipe on the Saucy Dipper Facebook Group, and, while you’re at it, share your secret, too. Do you think good hummus results from fresh ingredients? Roasted garlic? Kosher salt?

For the love of all things chickpea, I need to know.

Feel free to post pictures and other recipes while you’re with us on Facebook. Everyone is welcome. No need to be a food expert.

ps – The photo you see here is not mine. Thanks PhotoXPress!


  1. Hmmmm, did you use dried or canned beans? Some say the key to a yummy and fresh tasting hummus is using dried beans, soaking them in water overnight and then cooking them in simmering water until tender….but I haven’t tried it.

  2. Have you tried peeling off the thin skins on your beans? Doing that makes my hummus much creamier. It takes a bit of time, but I think it is worth it!

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