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saucy dipper bean dip

Welcome to this edition of Saucy Dipper news. Every now and again I find myself with so much fun to share with you that I feel compelled to write a “newsy” post. So here it is for you…

Check out the new blogroll and recipe index

Since becoming a food blogger a few months ago, I’ve come across so many awesome bloggers. To share the love, I’ve added their links to a blogroll. I hope you’ll take the time to check them out and to say hello.

Need to bring a dip to a party? Looking for a way to spice up those boring chicken breasts? Browse the sauce and dip recipe index for ideas. Never mind the fact that so many sauces and dips fall under the letters “B” and “C”…I’m troubled by that fact and will make an effort to give other letters of the alphabet more saucy love.

Where on the web can you find the Saucy Dipper?

My Puerto Rican dipping sauce was featured on this month’s Regional Recipe Roundup hosted by Joanne of Eats Well with Others. Head on over and check out the other featured Puerto Rican dishes…can you say plantains? Uh. Love those.

Jennifer over at My Morning Chocolate and I exchanged guest posts last Friday. She covered chocolate sauce and I wrote about my favorite bacon chip dip. It’s pretty much perfect for a football game.

Give me your hummus

I’m still on the hunt for the world’s best hummus recipe. Visit the Saucy Dipper Facebook group to share your recipe and secret to success. To sweeten the deal, I’ll send the first three FB visitors who share their recipe a groovy Saucy Dipper magnet. You can never have too many refrigerator magnets.

That’s all for tod-.  Oh wait, what’s that? You’re wondering about the free stuff I mentioned. Right.

We’ve got Dipstock sponsors!

I’m incredibly happy to announce that participants in October’s Dipstock will be eligible for prizes from several quality brands including Chavrie Cheese, Alouette Cheese, and Swanson Premium Chicken. To participate, all you have to do is make a dip during the week of October 24-31 and share your recipe on the Saucy Dipper Facebook group or by sending it to me via the Dipstock page. That’s it! Super easy.

RSVP for Dipstock on the Facebook group or sign up for “The Scoop” and I’ll send you info when the time gets closer.


  1. Thank you so much for including me on your blog roll! It is really such an honor because I love your blog, and I so admire what you do here. I’m excited to hear all this news about your blog…I can’t wait until you find that perfect hummus recipe and I’m excited to check out your stuff around the web!

    1. Monet – You’re welcome and THANK YOU. I think you found me after my first few posts and keep coming back. That means a lot.

  2. Sara, I’m totally excited for the dip and recipe index, especially because I needed a sauce recipe last night. I threw something together that was eh – can’t wait to get some ideas here.

    Also, I’m on the hunt for one of the cheese prizes! Time to think of a good dip recipe…

    1. Can’t have a dip party without cheese! I’m working on getting us more … the more cheese the merrier, I say.

  3. I’m on your blogroll how sweet, thanks…loving your blog..and with football season, uh dip time babay…I will have to create something for your dipstock…thinking hats on..


    1. I’m so happy to hear you’re both up for Dipstock! I’ve got so many ideas that I think I’ll need to throw a few different parties at home. Either that or I’ll need to make it two weeks instead of one …

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