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If Your Kitchen Challenges You, Make Soup

If Your Kitchen Challenges You, Make Soup We have officially landed in our new place, but unfortunately we are without most of our kitchen items. We have one bowl. While we wait for the movers to catch up with us, we are sharing that one bowl and making due with the few items we have, and that means making food that doesn’t require too many ingredients or too many appliances…or knives. Seeing how fall has officially arrived here in...

How to Use a Hand Blender

How to Use a Hand Blender I recently purchased the Cuisinart Smart StickĀ® Hand Blender and promised to write a review, but then I remembered…this is the first hand blender I’ve ever owned, so how can I write a review? I can, however, tell you how to use a hand blender effectively and how it really can take the place of a bulky, expensive food processor or blender in some cases. First, what is a hand blender? A hand...

How to Host Your Own Dip Party

How to Host Your Own Dip Party We’ve all been to dinner parties. Lunchtime potlucks are pretty common. A themed cocktail event is also a frequent occurrence. Now, how many dip parties have you been too? Probably not very many. But wouldn’t you like to go to a dip party? I know I do. At a dip party I don’t have to commit to an entire entree. I get to taste all kinds of new foods. I learn about different recipes and...

50 Ways to Dip Your Dip

50 Ways to Dip Your Dip Sometimes it’s the dip that makes you go “yum,” and sometimes it’s the vehicle to which you get the dip in your mouth that makes you go “yum.” If you’re lucky both the dip and theĀ  dipping tool please the buds – taste buds that is. The following 50 ways to dip include a few of the ways I like to dip. The odd ones link to online recipes. … 1. Toasted...

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