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Green Chile Makes a Meal

Green Chile Makes a Meal Here in Colorado you can rarely order a burrito or chile relleno or enchilada without it being smothered in green chile, and that’s a good thing. Once you’ve drenched your cheesy Mexican food in green chile there’s no turning back. As much as I enjoy green chile, I’ve never bothered to master a recipe, and I’m not sure why. I think this spring is the spring. My mission:...

Carpet Picnics and Chili Cheese Dip

Carpet Picnics and Chili Cheese Dip Not everyone gets Twitter, I know. But I do. I have met some great people there. I gather recipes there. I get hilarious answers to my questions there. Yes, Twitter can be a major time suck, but it’s also brought a lot of people to my site who may not have found me otherwise. And who wouldn’t enjoy that? Take, for instance, Candace Karu, Lifestyle Commentator & Favorite Foodie for...

Comparing Barbecue Sauces

Comparing Barbecue Sauces There’s a whole world of sauce connoisseurs devoted to barbecue sauce. In fact, you can find a number of food blogs devoted to the culture, including this, this, and this one. Barbecue sauces tend to fall under different categories based on the main ingredient, which might be tomato, mustard, or vinegar. Then there’s the barbecue sauces that are grouped by function: mopping sauce coats meat...

How to Make Game Day Guacamole Dip

How to Make Game Day Guacamole Dip Everyone has their own take on guacamole. Some recipes call for sour cream, other don’t. Some guacamole recipes call for garlic salt, while others insist on fresh garlic. Some call for more heat than a simple red onion can provide…jalapeños, poblanos, serrano, etc. And then there’s the debate on lemon juice versus lime juice in guacamole. Oh, the decisions. It’s my opinion that you...

Five Reasons You Should Bring Bean Dip to the Holiday Party

Five Reasons You Should Bring Bean Dip to the Holiday Party How many holiday parties will you attend this season? Do you know what dish you’ll be bringing to each? If you’re tasked with bringing a dip, then you should seriously consider a bean dip. Here’s why: 1. Dare to be different. Artichoke dip is good and all, but enough already! Get creative with bean dip. 2. It’s a crowd pleaser. Most everyone I know will dig into a bean dip...

Adventures in Aji Sauce

Adventures in Aji Sauce When living in New York, we ate at a place called the Chicken Festival often. You can laugh at the name if you want, but until you’ve tasted their roasted chicken magic you really don’t know what you’re missing. We found this little Peruvian restaurant on accident during a rain storm and returned almost weekly after that. I liked a lot of things about Chicken Festival, but the biggest...

185,220 Ways to Make Seven-Layer Dip

185,220 Ways to Make Seven-Layer Dip Question: What happens when you have a dip with seven layers arranged any way you like plus a variety of options for each individual layer? Answer: A dip that could be made 185,220 different ways. I know what you’re thinking. You think seven-layer dips go in the same category as cheese balls. You think both are steeped in corny 1970s and 1980s American dinner party culture. You know that both dips...

Shrimp Deserves Sauce, You Deserve Beer

Shrimp Deserves Sauce, You Deserve Beer Keeping with the beer-inspired sauce and dip theme for the upcoming Great American Beer Festival, I have yet another beer recipe to share. I’m super excited about this beer and butter sauce, because it’s an easy one (my favorite kind) and it has a lot of kick…unexpected kick, in fact, thanks to a fortunate mistake.You see, I mistakenly grabbed steak rub instead of grabbing pepper. Since...

Enchilada Sauce: Bringing Cultures Together

Enchilada Sauce: Bringing Cultures Together I know Mexico and Spain have different cuisines, but when I made a Spanish tortilla I was at a loss for complementing the dish with a sauce. Every time I’ve eaten Spanish tortilla it was sans sauce, so I could’ve have just eaten it solo, but c’mon. Who do you think you’re talking to? I am the Saucy Dipper. My friend over over at My Morning Chocolate suggested romesco sauce, which...

A Fine Place to Dip. Iowa, You Rock.

A Fine Place to Dip. Iowa, You Rock. I recently visited family in Iowa and forced them to endure my Saucy Dippiness. I don’t think they minded, though. At least I saw them take seconds and willingly take leftovers home, which leads me to believe they enjoyed themselves. But then again, my mom and nephew did a lot of the cooking, so they probably weren’t as scared as they could’ve been. Three things made this day a special...

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