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Month O’ Fruit Salsas: Mango Cucumber

Month O’ Fruit Salsas: Mango Cucumber Most of the time I prefer a smooth dip over a salsa, but on a hot night not too long ago I got a hankering for a fruit salsa that couldn’t be denied. After some research, I decided on a mango-cucumber salsa. The freshness of the mango and cucumber was exactly what I wanted on that particular summer evening. And that’s when it started. A mild fascination with fruit salsas developed and...

Aji Amarillo Chip Dip

Aji Amarillo Chip Dip This dip was truly an experiment. I read a few recipes for aji amarillo dip, yeah, but when it came time to produce, I just threw a bunch of ingredients together until I found a flavor I liked. I’m not sure what I expected. Something spicy? Something unique? Again, not sure. But what I got was a nice potato chip dip that surprised my friends at a 4th of July barbecue. The recipe that follows is a...

Horseradish Stinks.

Horseradish Stinks. But horseradish tastes good once you get past the burning in your nostrils. Last week I wrote about the best French dip and au jus of my life, and you may remember me┬ámentioning┬áthe horseradish. Is it only me or is a meal not complete without some kind of topping, spread, sauce, or dip? Horseradish is a great condiment to have on hand during the summer. It goes great with all those barbecues you’ll...

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Taco Sauce

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Taco Sauce I don’t usually celebrate Cinco de Mayo to the fullest. I mean, I think Mexico’s freedom is a wonderful thing, but Cinco de Mayo is a little like St. Patrick’s Day to me…It’s a good reason to have a parade, and I don’t really like parades. But, then again, both holidays are a good reason to eat and drink, and I can definitely get excited about that. This year, I...

Green Chile Makes a Meal

Green Chile Makes a Meal Here in Colorado you can rarely order a burrito or chile relleno or enchilada without it being smothered in green chile, and that’s a good thing. Once you’ve drenched your cheesy Mexican food in green chile there’s no turning back. As much as I enjoy green chile, I’ve never bothered to master a recipe, and I’m not sure why. I think this spring is the spring. My mission:...

Carpet Picnics and Chili Cheese Dip

Carpet Picnics and Chili Cheese Dip Not everyone gets Twitter, I know. But I do. I have met some great people there. I gather recipes there. I get hilarious answers to my questions there. Yes, Twitter can be a major time suck, but it’s also brought a lot of people to my site who may not have found me otherwise. And who wouldn’t enjoy that? Take, for instance, Candace Karu, Lifestyle Commentator & Favorite Foodie for...

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