Kamikoto Japanese Steel Knives Review

steel knife review

What a treat to receive Kamikoto Japanese-style knives for a review here on the Saucy Dipper.

After slicing and dicing a variety of vegetables using the Kanpeki set of three knives — a 7-inch vegetable knife, an 8.5-inch slicing knife, and 5-inch utility knife — the verdict is in: these single-blade steel knives perform much differently than an ordinary set of kitchen knives or a generic chef’s knife, and I like it.

Here’s what I immediately noticed:

  • Cutting with a knife that has only one sharp edge (versus most kitchen knives that have two sharp edges) feels different. At first, my cuts weren’t straight or consistent. I quickly saw that using a single-bevel knife is different.
  • I didn’t cry when chopping onions! I know this happens to most cooks, but I often need to regroup after chopping onions, especially if my knife isn’t recently sharpened. I used the slicing knife on a red onion and a utility knife on a white onion without tears.
  • Chopping tomatoes has never been easier. My husband and I peeled, de-seeded, thinly sliced, and diced tomatoes with ease.

On top of these bullet points, the knives truly are balanced. This picture on Steamy Kitchen depicts it perfectly. And while I do enjoy a knife that has some heft behind it (and a hefty coffee mug, too, but that’s for another review), the lightweight Kamikoto knives were still easy to handle. They look nice, too.

kamikoto knife review

At $1295, there’s no doubt that purchasing Kamikoto knives is an investment. However, if you are serious about having professional-quality cutlery, then these are recommended by the Saucy Dipper. Check out the Kamikoto website for more details.

kamikoto knife review