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Time to Make Your Own Chicken Stock

Time to Make Your Own Chicken Stock A whole chicken from the grocer costs less than four chicken breasts. Did you know that? I didn’t know that, and I was pleasantly surprised when I bought a completely gutted and ready-to-go chicken for a batch of chicken soup I made recently. I’m not crazy about canned chicken soup. In fact, I don’t like it at all. That’s why I normally use store-bought stock to make my soups. But...

A Basic Mornay for Macaroni and Cheese

A Basic Mornay for Macaroni and Cheese Mornay sauce = becahamel sauce with cheese, usually swiss or Gruyere. Mornay sauce = perfect sauce for vegetables or noodles. Morney sauce = the sauce that gives mac ‘n cheese life. We grilled steaks and I didn’t want an ordinary French fry or baked potato. I know, so unlike me. Instead I made a very unhealthy and quite tasty macaroni and cheese composed of elbow noodles, spinach, bacon, and...

Horseradish Stinks.

Horseradish Stinks. But horseradish tastes good once you get past the burning in your nostrils. Last week I wrote about the best French dip and au jus of my life, and you may remember me mentioning the horseradish. Is it only me or is a meal not complete without some kind of topping, spread, sauce, or dip? Horseradish is a great condiment to have on hand during the summer. It goes great with all those barbecues you’ll...

How to Make Vegetarian Espagnole Sauce

How to Make Vegetarian Espagnole Sauce In it’s simplest form, espagnole sauce is a meat-based stock thickened with a roux. You make beef stock by slowly simmering beef bones and trimmings in herbs for several hours. It’s a time intensive process that requires one hefty stock pot. I have not endeavored to make a beef stock, but I have made vegetable stock. While at first I didn’t think all the money and time was worth making a...

Trends in Sauce – What to Expect in 2011

Trends in Sauce – What to Expect in 2011 The mother sauces may have made their debut in the early 1800s, but it’s going to take more than 200 years for sauce to go out of style. In today’s final post in my series of posts on sauce, I talk to the chefs about today’s trends in sauce. Is fusion food in or out? How many sauce ingredients is too many? Are sauces that take 12 hours to make worth it? You’re about to find...

What Not to Do When You Make Sauce

What Not to Do When You Make Sauce If you’re like me, you don’t like being told what to do. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner…” Right? (Miss you, Patrick Swayze.) But when it comes to learning how to make sauce, there are some rules you just can’t ignore. In today’s post on sauce (the fourth post in a series of epic posts on sauce), we talk about what you shouldn’t do in sauce making. And if you...

Who’s Your Mama? Fall in Love with Mother Sauces

Who’s Your Mama? Fall in Love with Mother Sauces This is the third post in my series of epic posts on sauce. So far, we’ve talked about the basic history of sauce, the basics of mother sauces, and now we’re about to talk about why you should even care about mother sauces. No, scratch that. This is why you should LOVE mother sauces. One – Versatility. As mentioned, once you master a mother sauce, it becomes simple to make dozens of...

In the Beginning, There Was Mother Sauce

In the Beginning, There Was Mother Sauce Mother sauces: The base sauces in the French culinary tradition of which all other [secondary] sauces are made; sometimes called grandes sauces, standard sauces, or classic sauces. In theory, once you learn the technique for making each of the mother sauces, future sauce making will be a breeze. Okay, maybe not always a breeze (whatever that means anyway), but the hope is that you won’t feel so...

The History of Sauce

The History of Sauce Once a method for covering up rotten foods and now a way to elevate the deliciousness of a meal, sauces have long served a culinary purpose. No matter where you are in the world, your cuisine most likely calls for a sauce in certain recipes. Is it too much to say that a sauce can define a culture? I don’t think so. Sauce, like so many other foods, is representative of the food our land can grow, the...

How I Made Marsala Mushroom Sauce

How I Made Marsala Mushroom Sauce I recently took a sauce class at Denver’s Seasoned Chef Cooking School and learned all kinds of wonderful sauce-making tips, but my favorite aspect of the class was the recipe for marsala porcini sauce they gave us. One evening not long ago, I re-made the mushroom sauce (with my own touch) along with a few other delightful side dishes. We’re eating well here at the Lancaster household!Recipe...

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