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White Wine Mustard Sauce Recipe

White Wine Mustard Sauce Recipe Last Christmastime, my husband and I had the great fortune of dining at the Timberline Grille in Blackhawk, Colorado. We were treated to a delicious steak dinner, and then we did our best to conquer the casinos. We didn’t exactly conquer it, but we did have a great time with friends. If you ask me, that trip was the first of many to come. I do love traditions! Before even arriving at Timberline...

A Native-Inspired Butternut Squash Salsa

A Native-Inspired Butternut Squash Salsa I’ve written a bit about salsas, and butternut squash, too. But never would I have thought about combining the two. That is until I visited Tocabe: A Native American Eatery here in Denver. My lunch was at the Greenwood Village location, which I enjoyed a couple months back with a few food blogging friends. I highly recommend you visit if you can. I also highly recommend you try their salsas,...

Making Tartar Sauce and Cooking for a Toddler

Making Tartar Sauce and Cooking for a Toddler In an ideal world your toddler would eat what you eat for dinner. I make a nice roasted chicken thinking, “yea, she’ll love this.” But nope. Rarely does our two year old Maggie even consider eating what we’re eating. It’s more likely that we’ll eat what she WANTS, which is, you can probably guess, something like macaroni and cheese or fish sticks. To make myself feel...

Fava, Er, Lima Bean Dip

Fava, Er, Lima Bean Dip Do you know this saying? “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Of course you do. Well, I have a new saying. It goes like this…”When life hands you a set of beans that you’re not sure you like and definitely don’t appreciate the color of, make bean dip.” That’s what I did when I thought I had fava beans in my freezer for something like eight months....

What Smells Better than Simmering Apples?

What Smells Better than Simmering Apples? Simmering strawberries might smell a little better than simmering apples. But they’re both scents from Heaven. Maple syrup doesn’t really float my boat…or my French toast, which is why I drizzle fruity sweetness on my pancakes or French toast. And this past weekend I didn’t only make one fruit sauce. I made two. Apples in cinnamon sauce and blended strawberries made for a fruity...

Comparing Barbecue Sauces

Comparing Barbecue Sauces There’s a whole world of sauce connoisseurs devoted to barbecue sauce. In fact, you can find a number of food blogs devoted to the culture, including this, this, and this one. Barbecue sauces tend to fall under different categories based on the main ingredient, which might be tomato, mustard, or vinegar. Then there’s the barbecue sauces that are grouped by function: mopping sauce coats meat...

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