What Smells Better than Simmering Apples?

strawberry sauce and apples over french toast

Simmering strawberries might smell a little better than simmering apples. But they’re both scents from Heaven.

Maple syrup doesn’t really float my boat…or my French toast, which is why I drizzle fruity sweetness on my pancakes or French toast. And this past weekend I didn’t only make one fruit sauce. I made two.

Apples in cinnamon sauce and blended strawberries made for a fruity breakfast of champions. After I feasted I could’ve done anything–cleaned the bathrooms, ran up a mountain, or wrote a couple chapters in the novel I haven’t started yet. But instead, I took a nap. That’s not the fault of the breakfast though. That’s just the way I roll. 

Apples in Cinnamon Sauce Recipe

(Versions of this recipe are everywhere including here and here)

*1 cup water

*2 tbsp. butter

*1 tbsp. corn starch

*1/8 tsp. salt

*1/2 c. sugar

*1 tsp. cinnamon

*1/2 tsp. nutmeg

*2 organic apples, peeled and sliced

Instructions: Bring water to a boil. Add all ingredients in order listed. Let simmer until apples are soft and the sauce is dark brown and syrupy.


After 10 minutes the apples and sauce looked like this.

bubbling hot apples

Then I realized I forgot the sugar. How could I forget the sugar? I added it and after another 15 minutes, the apples looked like this.

boiling apples in cinnamon sauce

The apples were tender and tasted wonderfully sweet.

Strawberry Sauce Recipe

(Recipe from Our Best Bites)

*8 oz. organic strawberries

*1/4 c. sugar

*1 tsp. vanilla extract

Instructions: Add all ingredients to medium sauce pot and let simmer over medium heat for about five minutes. Then blend in food processor until smooth.


I’m always impressed with how amenable fruit is to sauce making. A little bit of heat and a little bit of sugar and voila…fruit sauce.  I’ve made blueberry sauce and raspberry sauce in the past, and each time I was equally as pleased.  There’s absolutely no reason not to make your own fruit sauce for breakfast or dessert.

strawberry slices and sugar for sauce


strawberries and sugar in sauce pan


  1. That strawberry sauce is perfect for summer! I have a pancake obsession and bet it won’t take long to whip up a batch to go with the sauce 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend!

  2. I have never really liked maple syrup either, well I don’t dislike but way too sweet for me. These apples however, I LOVE!
    I am allergic to strawberries but maybe a raspberry would work well with the apples.
    Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend 🙂

  3. Yes…both do sound heavenly to me. I wish those smells were filling my house now 🙂 Thank you for sharing with me today! I hope you had a lovely holiday. Have a week full of good food, laughter and love!

  4. Glad to hear there’s another food blogger out there who’s not fond of maple syrup. When I say so, I get the wide-eyed look and turn up of the nose. So, I hear ya. I’d much rather have a fruit-based sauce like the strawberries instead.

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