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Cuban Dip Recipe

Cuban Dip Recipe If you like Cuban sandwiches… Actually, if you like pickles… No, if you like cheesy dips at all… …then you’ll love this Cuban sandwich dip. It has all the delicious elements of the traditional pork, cheese, and pickle sandwich, plus a few other bonus flavors. Note: Some other Cuban sandwich recipes call for ham in addition to shredded pork, but that wasn’t my...

Alfredo Garlic Dip Recipe

Alfredo Garlic Dip Recipe This deliciously creamy dip is a spin-off the classic Alfredo sauce for all of you Alfredo lovers. Great for dipping steamed vegetables in such as broccoli. This dip is also wonderful with gourmet breads or pita chips. Print Alfredo Garlic Dip   Ingredients ¾ cup of butter 4 garlic cloves, mined 2 cups of heavy whipping cream 2 cups of fresh, grated Parmesan cheese 2 tablespoons and...

Green Chili Queso Dip Recipe

Green Chili Queso Dip Recipe I can’t get enough green chilies! This dip is a party favorite, and a nice twist on the classic queso dip for all of you green chili lovers. This warm recipe is great for fall and winter.    Print Green Chili Queso Dip Recipe Cook time:  45 mins Total time:  45 mins   Ingredients 3 large green chilies ½ lb American cheese ½ lb Monterey Jack 2 tsp corn starch 1 tbsp...

Hunt’s Chili Cheese Dip Recipe

Hunt’s Chili Cheese Dip Recipe The sign of a good dip is that it keeps people coming back for more, and this one does just that. Great during the fall and football season because the chili has a warmth that is perfect on cool autumn days. It’s so filling. It’ll become your go-to recipe. Plus, you can pick just about any dipper–celery, carrots, pita chips, tortilla chips, crackers, bread.Print Chili Cheese Dip ...

Guacamole with Tomatillo and Tomato

Guacamole with Tomatillo and Tomato Ever had a hankering for something that you just can’t seem to satiate? That’s been me lately with avocados. Given the  obsession, an ordinary guacamole wouldn’t do. Nope, not at all. I wandered the produce aisle and came up with this guacamole concoction instead. It might just be the best one I’ve made to date. And the best part? It’s been 24 hours and the guac still...

Author of ‘Crackers & Dips’ Says ‘No’ to Gloppy Calorie Bomb Dips

Author of ‘Crackers & Dips’ Says ‘No’ to Gloppy Calorie Bomb Dips Today on the Saucy Dipper I’m talking to Ivy Manning, a freelance food and travel writer, food stylist, and author of four cookbooks including Crackers & Dips. Ivy’s cookbook violently jumped out at me while browsing Amazon, which is exactly why I sought her out to ask a few questions. I feel like she wrote this book for me! Thank you, Ivy, for taking the time to share your ideas and for...

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