A Modified Cannoli Dip

Cannoli filling recipes often call for ricotta cheese and/or mascarpone cheese plus heavy whipping cream whipped to perfection. But when you’re craving a cannoli and don’t have all that you need in the cupboard, it’s okay to modify. That’s what I did. From all the recipes I studied before making my cannoli dip, it appears… Continue reading A Modified Cannoli Dip

Happy Belated Birthday, America. Here’s Your Party Dip.

Every holiday celebration needs a dip. Don’t you think? This last 4th of July was the perfect opportunity for me to make a birthday cake dip. The recipe is as easy as they come — only three ingredients. Plus, people love it. Who doesn’t like cake…or dip? Birthday cake dip recipes are all over the… Continue reading Happy Belated Birthday, America. Here’s Your Party Dip.

Citrus Fruit Dip for Front Range Foodies

Every month I meet up with other Colorado food lovers who are members of The Front Range Food Bloggers. The hostesses with the mostesses, Barb at Vino Luci Style (the same generous gal who is offering the Diptock giveaway) and Andrea at Fork Fingers Chopsticks, lead the conversation for the meeting whether it be¬†photography, SEO,… Continue reading Citrus Fruit Dip for Front Range Foodies

Caramel Sauce Drama

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate the holiday I made my first pie–a banana cream pie with homemade whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. Forget that it took close to four hours to make (when you factor in research, shopping, and cooking/baking); making your own pie comes with rewards. Who knew Thanksgiving could be so much fun?… Continue reading Caramel Sauce Drama

Three Holiday Pumpkin Dip Recipes

I know. Three! I’ve always liked the holidays for the food. Now that I’m slightly obsessed with dips, I adore the holidays. And it’s all because of the pumpkin dips. A couple weeks back, I made a sweet pumpkin dip for Dipstock and so did three other Dipstock participants. Below you’ll find all three of… Continue reading Three Holiday Pumpkin Dip Recipes