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A Native-Inspired Butternut Squash Salsa

A Native-Inspired Butternut Squash Salsa I’ve written a bit about salsas, and butternut squash, too. But never would I have thought about combining the two. That is until I visited Tocabe: A Native American Eatery here in Denver. My lunch was at the Greenwood Village location, which I enjoyed a couple months back with a few food blogging friends. I highly recommend you visit if you can. I also highly recommend you try their salsas,...

Black Bean and Bacon Salsa

Black Bean and Bacon Salsa Salsa: the Spanish word for fresh or cooked sauce. By my definition, it means delicious dip. Salsa is arguably one of the most popular of all appetizers, not to mention one of the easiest dips to make. Chop up your favorites and toss it in a bowl with seasonings and voila…a bowl of goodness. Most of us are familiar with the tomato and pepper salsa served with tortilla chips at Mexican restaurants, but...

White Trash Dip. So Wrong, Yet So Right.

White Trash Dip. So Wrong, Yet So Right. It’s true. White trash dip is a dumb name for a dip. I tried to find the source of its naming, but all I found were other blog posts that talked about how dumb of a name this is. So, I guess it’s settled. White trash dip is dumb…or is it? If done right, white trash dip can be a super tasty bean dip. Even babies like it.  (They call her the “Little Dipper.”)Print White...

Quick and Savory Christmas Dips

Quick and Savory Christmas Dips This picture is of me and my husband, Jason, in Singapore about three years ago. It has nothing to do with sauce or this post. Well, except for that fact that WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for visiting the Saucy Dipper and for leaving comments when you feel up to it. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming… Dips are essential to have on hand while entertaining for the holidays....

Pineapple Salsa Dip. The End.

Pineapple Salsa Dip. The End. It’s been a fun month o’ fruit salsas here on Saucy Dipper…four (count ’em) FOUR recipes. Man, did they all taste good. I talked about the mango cucumber salsa, the strawberry and yellow pepper salsa, the cherry salsa dip, and now my favorite: pineapple and green pepper salsa. At least I think the pineapple salsa is my favorite of the four. The strawberry salsa comes in a close...

Strawberry and Yellow Pepper Fruit Salsa

Strawberry and Yellow Pepper Fruit Salsa It’s August, which is also known as the Saucy Dipper’s “Month O’ Fruit Salsas.” I already told you about a mango-cucumber salsa and today you get lots o’ strawberry-yellow pepper salsa goodness. Now, I’m not one to brag, especially since the following recipe isn’t really mine. I found inspiration on the Whole Foods website. However, I made this salsa for a...

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