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Cuban Dip Recipe

Cuban Dip Recipe If you like Cuban sandwiches… Actually, if you like pickles… No, if you like cheesy dips at all… …then you’ll love this Cuban sandwich dip. It has all the delicious elements of the traditional pork, cheese, and pickle sandwich, plus a few other bonus flavors. Note: Some other Cuban sandwich recipes call for ham in addition to shredded pork, but that wasn’t my...

A Native-Inspired Butternut Squash Salsa

A Native-Inspired Butternut Squash Salsa I’ve written a bit about salsas, and butternut squash, too. But never would I have thought about combining the two. That is until I visited Tocabe: A Native American Eatery here in Denver. My lunch was at the Greenwood Village location, which I enjoyed a couple months back with a few food blogging friends. I highly recommend you visit if you can. I also highly recommend you try their salsas,...

bd’s Mongolian Grill {Sauce Lover’s Paradise}

bd’s Mongolian Grill {Sauce Lover’s Paradise} Since having the first little dipper — Maggie — I’ve lost all free time for cooking and heading out to new restaurants. Having the second little dipper — Fletcher — hasn’t improved my culinary status either. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy tasty food, especially where sauces are concerned, it’s just harder to come by. When the folks at...

Guest Post: How to Make Raspberry Jam Steak Sauce

Guest Post: How to Make Raspberry Jam Steak Sauce A good steak is even better when it has a yummy steak sauce to accompany it. The great thing about cooking a sauce for your steak is that it can add amazing flavor without needing to ruin a gorgeous chunk of meat with ketchup or mayonnaise! Steak sauce shouldn’t be too complicated or take too much time. The focus should always be on the centrepiece of the meal, the steak. 5.0 from 1 reviews Print ...

Coconut Chicken Curry Sauce

Coconut Chicken Curry Sauce That’s me at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. My husband and I traveled to Asia a couple years ago. Aside from seeing spectacular Buddhist temples, enduring incredible heat, and riding on elephants (it’s bumpy), we ate A LOT in Thailand. It’s not only that food is cheap in Thailand. It’s that the food tastes as spectacular as those sparkly temples look. While in Thailand my...

Easy Mexican Dip from GOODEness Gracious

Easy Mexican Dip from GOODEness Gracious Remember Dipstock? Yea, it’s been almost a month ago and I just now realized I made a horrendous oversight. One of Dipstock’s most active participants, Cris Goode, made a dip for Dipstock and I didn’t feature it here as promised. Maybe you recall Cris from Halloween Dipstock. She made FOUR dips then, including a zesty bacon spread. If you haven’t checked out Cris’ site, you...

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