Why My Fingers Are Sore and Other News

Why My Fingers Are Sore and Other News

No, I didn’t put my hand in a blender. My fingers are sore because this is my 100th post!

In just under one year, I’ve made a crazy amount of sauce and dip. To celebrate this milestone I’ve got a few things I want to tell you about.

101 Sauce and Dip Lovers

Is it a coincidence that we have about as many group members as we do posts?!?! If you aren’t already part of the group, join today! You’re all invited to share photos and recipes.

Have You Missed Dipstock?

Last time I got the troops together for a Dipstock was in October. OCTOBER! We’re long overdue for some serious dip partying.

You’re invited to participate. All you have to do is make a dip and share the recipe by sending it to me on the Dipstock page or on the Facebook Group. A few lucky participants will receive full value coupons from Frito Lay.

For extra credit, have a get-together with your friends to celebrate dip. Share a party pic and you’ll be eligible for an extra special prize–a trio of gourmet sauces and spreads from Vino Luci, a boutique dedicated to wine-country inspired home decor and entertaining.

The Saucy Dipper’s Guide to Making Sauce

I took some of the most comprehensive how-to make sauce advice and recipes from the Saucy Dipper to create one fantabulous download. It’s more than 30 pages — a whopper. To get your copy, sign up for the Saucy Dipper newsletter, The Scoop. Click here to subscribe.

How to Make Your Husband Eat Vegetables

A few weeks back I wrote a guest blog post for my friends over at BabyBites.com. Click here to read about how you can make your family eat vegetables with sauce.

In April, Expect One Post a Week

One last note…starting in April I’ll begin posting once a week on Thursdays (instead of 2x a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Hope you’ll check back regularly!

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  1. Congratulations on your 100th entries!

  2. Congrats on 100! I may never make it to 100 myself, but I’ll die trying. Great site! Thanks so much for stopping by mine. I hope to see you at the next meet up.

  3. Congratulations on your 100th 🙂

  4. Lea Ann says:

    Congratulations on #100

    Great to see you today

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