Carpet Picnics and Chili Cheese Dip

Carpet Picnics and Chili Cheese Dip

Not everyone gets Twitter, I know. But I do. I have met some great people there. I gather recipes there. I get hilarious answers to my questions there.

Yes, Twitter can be a major time suck, but it’s also brought a lot of people to my site who may not have found me otherwise. And who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Take, for instance, Candace Karu, Lifestyle Commentator & Favorite Foodie for Vermont-based Cabot Creamery Cooperative. Candace found me on Twitter after I tweeted: “Cheese balls, cheese balls, cheese balls: http://ow.ly/4pDDA”  << That’s a link to my first cheese ball recipe.

It’s been great to follow Candace’s blog and interesting tweets about recipes (cheesy ones, of course), running, lifestyle, and more. Candace has also been a strong supporter of Dipstock (this is the second time she’s participated), and so, of course, I’m eternally grateful. In her words, “[Dipstock is a] brilliantly delicious holiday invention.”

Love that.

I’ve summarized Candace’s Chili Cheese Dip Recipe that she made for Dipstock below. But you should definitely head on over to her blog, Subject to Change, to read about the carpet picnic she had with friends. This gal’s got some great ideas. Oh, and you can find her on Twitter here: @CandaceKaru.

Chili Cheese Dip Recipe

*1 1/2 c. chili (Candace used a meaty homemade chili, but says you can buy a can of storebought if you wish)

*2 c. Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar, shredded

*1 tbsp. of chopped green chilies

*1/4 c. salsa

*1 healthy dollop of Cabot Sour Cream

*1 avocado

Instructions: Put chili on the stove and heat to a simmer. Add cheese a little at a time until it is melted. Stir in remaining ingredients. Once warmed to your liking, garnish with avocado slices.


If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, find me here @SaucyDipper. And it’s not too late to participate in Dipstock. All you have to do is make a dip! Click for Dipstock details.

5 Responses to “Carpet Picnics and Chili Cheese Dip”

  1. Now that’s what I call fast food! Have you ever tried Cabot’s chipotle white cheddar cheese? It’s very good; smoky and a little bit of heat.

  2. Sue says:

    This recipe sounds great!
    I think I may need to jump on the twitter bandwagon!

  3. Hey, Sue. Jump on in the Twitter stream, the water – and the company – are just fine!

  4. saral says:

    @Debi – Thanks for stopping by! I have tried Cabot’s chipotle white cheddar cheese. So yum.

    @Sue – I hope you do join Twitter. Give me a follow and I’ll show you the ropes.

    @Candace – Loving all your comments on Facebook!

  5. Eliana says:

    I wold have never thought of making a chilli cheese dip for myself but now that I have your recipe, it will be a part of my life in the nery near future

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