The Dangers of Double Dipping

Today, I’m in two places. I’m here at the Saucy Dipper and over at the Savvy Host.

Why am I in two places, you ask?

Because I want to spread the word about the dangers of double dipping. While for some double dipping is a laughing matter, for others it means germs, germs, and more dangerous germs…just ask Timmy.

(Video takes you to YouTube)

seinfeld episode with double dipping


  1. your absolutely right about double dipping, yet some people don’t think anything of it….and remember when we use to eat peanuts or snacks out of a common bowl, and go back for more….yikes….what were we thinking!

  2. Haha! You are so right, and I love this episode…you can never go wrong with Seinfeld. And your blog is looking wonderful, by the way!

  3. Chef Dennis – Confession: I take from the community bowl. I can’t resist cashews.

    Emily – I’m so glad you’re here! Maybe you could play along during Dipstock?

    Monet – Thanks for complimenting the blog. So much I still want to do!

    Rick – Thanks for stopping by. You’re latest cake looks divine.

    1. I like your theory, but in this case George was the one to break the rules! Good for a laugh anyway.

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