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Easy Mexican Dip from GOODEness Gracious

Easy Mexican Dip from GOODEness Gracious Remember Dipstock? Yea, it’s been almost a month ago and I just now realized I made a horrendous oversight. One of Dipstock’s most active participants, Cris Goode, made a dip for Dipstock and I didn’t feature it here as promised. Maybe you recall Cris from Halloween Dipstock. She made FOUR dips then, including a zesty bacon spread. If you haven’t checked out Cris’ site, you...

Creamy Guac Deserves Pork Rind Dippers

Creamy Guac Deserves Pork Rind Dippers It’s the last day of Dipstock, and I can’t think of a better way to end the party than with a guacamole, one of THE quintessential dips. This recipe was submitted by Sweet Life, a wonderful food blogger who has a serious knack for Texan-inspired recipes and food photography (the pic on the left is hers). What I love most about the recipe is her suggestion to serve guacamole with pork rinds,...

Creamy Crab Dip Recipe

Creamy Crab Dip Recipe Chung, a friend of mine, has participated in all three Dipstocks. She’s what you call a  real dip lover. For the spring Dipstock she confessed to making three dips–pumpkin dip, olive tapenade, and this creamy crab dip that she compares to GoldCoast crab dip. Don’t know what GoldCoast crab dip is? Me neither. I had to look it up. Taken from GoldCoastSalads.com: “GoldCoast Salads...

It’s Egg Season! Deviled Egg Dip Recipe

It’s Egg Season! Deviled Egg Dip Recipe My love for Easter candy runs deep. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Whoppers Robin Eggs, and Cadbury Mini Eggs: All my favorites and all eggs. Some might argue that peppermint Christmas candy or Valentine’s Day Sweet Tarts are better, but they’re wrong. Easter candy beats all other holiday candies. I’m convinced. It’s not just that the candy tastes better, the holiday itself has a...

Carpet Picnics and Chili Cheese Dip

Carpet Picnics and Chili Cheese Dip Not everyone gets Twitter, I know. But I do. I have met some great people there. I gather recipes there. I get hilarious answers to my questions there. Yes, Twitter can be a major time suck, but it’s also brought a lot of people to my site who may not have found me otherwise. And who wouldn’t enjoy that? Take, for instance, Candace Karu, Lifestyle Commentator & Favorite Foodie for...

Monterey Jack Salsa and Artichoke Dip

Monterey Jack Salsa and Artichoke Dip Elise and Mae over at Here In This House submitted not one but TWO dip recipes for Dipstock. Their creations sound incredibly tasty AND they’re beautiful. Seriously, they made a salsa with gorgeous contrasting colors and an artichoke dip whose name envokes beauty because we all know this creamy, cheesy goodness tastes better than almost anything else. Right? Elise’s Monterey Jack Salsa from...

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